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LIU Liqun
LIU Liqun

Liu Liqun is a student majoring in Electronic Music in the Composition Department at Tianjin Conservatory of Music, studying under the guidance of Professor Wang Gang.My works have been performed at venues such as Tianjin Conservatory of Music and Shandong Provincial Capital Culture and Art Center Grand Theatre.I have been involved in the production of promotional songs for organizations such as the Tianjin Municipal Education Commission, Tianjin Municipal Education Committee, Shandong Normal University, Shandong First Medical University, and Shandong Provincial Cultural Center.

The work 'Wonderful Dreamscape·Rolling Marimba' has won significant awards such as the IEMC (International Electronic Music Competition) and the Danny Award.The song 'Hello, Hangzhou' was awarded as an outstanding work in the 19th Asian Games Music Composition Contest.In 2022, I composed the theme song 'Angel's Hand' for the First class begins for the Tianjin Municipal Education Committee, and I also participated in the lyric writing, composition, and arrangement.