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LIN Xinyuan
LIN Xinyuan

Lin Xinyuan is a PhD candidate of Artificial Intelligence in Music in the class of 2023 at Shanghai Conservatory of Music, studying under the famous composer Prof. Liu Hao. He is a member of Shanghai Musicians Association and Shanghai Computer Music Association. He has been active in the fields of composition, electronic music composition, music artificial intelligence, new media art, theater and film music creation.

Second Prize of the 13th MUSICACOUSTICA International Electronic Music Composition Competition; Second Prize of the 2nd Danny Award International Composition Competition of the Denver International Science and Technology Arts Festival; Third Prize of CRA Youth Recording Arts Competition; Song "Dream Inheritor" won the First Prize of the Song of the Counselors of Shanghai Universities and was used as the song of the counselors in Shanghai Universities and Colleges; served as a composer for the drama "Berserker" (starring: Jin Shijia. (Director: Tian Qinxin), which was staged at the National Grand Theater; as a drama "Deep in the Qinling Mountains", "Taking off soon" musical "The Green Bird", "Wandering the West Wind Long Road" Shanghai burlesque "The Emperor is not in a hurry, the eunuchs" composing, arranging, music production.