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ZHAO Yunheng
ZHAO Yunheng

Reman Zhao was admitted to the Composition and Composition Technology Theory major (Electronic Music Field) at Communication University of China in 2021, under the guidance of Professor Wang Xuan.

Reman Zhao, also known as "CRAVE," is a producer and DJ. His music on Netease Cloud Music has accumulated over 500,000 plays and earned him a Silver Single and Silver Record Medal. His works have appeared on Tencent Music's Top 50 Original Music Chart for Musicians. His piece "行·生克" won the first prize at the 2023 National College Students Computer Design Competition in China and received praise from Mark Watters, the director of the Eastman School of Music. His composition "觅星2063" took first place in the Original Music category at the “Upchord” Sound Conference. Reman has been a member of the Gudwavs club and collaborated with well-known EDM artists such as Arsenal, EAD, HYPERLINK., and M. His works have been played multiple times at music festivals. Reman excels in composing electronic dance music, using a variety of hardware and software synthesizers and sampling techniques to create immersive soundscapes.