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YANG Lei holds the position of Associate Professor in the Music Engineering Department at Zhejiang Conservatory of Music and serves as the Deputy Director of the Recording Arts Teaching and Research Office. He is also a master's degree supervisor. In China, he has earned a reputation as a distinguished music coordinator and producer. His expertise is evident in the array of large-scale music projects he's contributed to, spanning genres from film and television scores to pop music. Over the years, he has forged successful collaborations with celebrated artists like Liu Huan, Yang Kun, Jane Zhang (Zhang Liangying), and Zhou Shen.

Throughout his career, Yang Lei's multimedia electronic music compositions have been showcased internationally, with performances in Germany, the United States, and prominent Chinese cities like Shanghai and Beijing. Concurrently, his contributions have been instrumental in numerous commercial music events and television programs. These include "The Best Song of China" and "A Good Lesson" on Central Television, "Sound of China Dream" and "Music Metropolis" on Shanghai Oriental Television, as well as "Crossover Singer King" on Beijing Television. His diverse roles in the music industry have seen him directing bands and coordinating music for spectacular shows, including Jonathan Lee's original musical "When Love is a Thing of the Past," Zhang Bichen's "Aurora" concert, and Jane Zhang's global "Jane. Xiang" tour.

In recent years, Yang Lei's mentorship has been instrumental in guiding his students towards remarkable achievements. They have clinched top honors in the Music Composition category of the Chinese University Computer Contest and have been recognized at prestigious events like the Shanghai Conservatory of Music International Electronic Music Week and the Beijing International Electronic Music Festival.