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ZJCM ChamberPhilharmonia
ZJCM ChamberPhilharmonia

The Chamber Philharmonia ZJCM, founded in 2022, is a top-notch professional orchestra affiliated with Zhejiang Conservatory of Music. As the first professional chamber Philharmonia in China, it has followed the internationally prevailing mode of music seasons since its genesis. The chamber Philharmonia is composed of professional musicians from home and abroad. With their superb performance skills and transcendent enthusiasm, they jointly pursue an exquisite and dynamic ensemble style. Jiao Yang, a distinguished conductor residing in Germany, acts as the artistic director.

The Chamber Philharmonia adheres to the academic style focusing on the classical repertoire, meanwhile responding to the needs of national strategic development. It aims to promote new and innovative performance at home and abroad, jointly build and cultivate senior talents, carry out international academic mutual exchanges, deeply participate in music festival and music competition, undertake essential events and resume social responsibility.

In the first music season, the famous conductors, performers at home and abroad and the teachers from the Orchestral Department were invited to successfully play the "Eternal Mozart" series concert, the Mendelssohn special concert, etc. Besides that , the Chamber Philharmonia also performed the important realist opera "Pagliacci" in the Romantic Era with the Opera Academy, the Symphony Orchestra Academy and the Orchestral Department of Zhejiang Conservatory of Music. The Chamber Philharmonia played "Li Qingzhao" in the 5th China Opera Festival.

In the second music season (the first half), we will invite several guest musicians with first-class artistic achievements at home and abroad, such as Ning Feng, a famous violinist and the artistic director of the Chamber Music Academy of Zhejiang Conservatory of Music, Guo Chengcheng, a soprano of the Central Opera House, and Shen Tong, a piano professor of the Chinese Conservatory of Music, Yu Xuefeng, the permanent conductor of the Harbin Symphony Orch.