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Liu Tao, New media artist, teacher of Tianjin college of media and arts, Master of Media Art in School of Design, Central Academy of Fine Arts, using digital image, sound, interactive devices and other media to explore the artistic expression of cross-cultural themes in creation.


Major artistic experiences include:

2023 "Splendid Central Axis of Beijing" digital multimedia design director, Capital museum.china

2023 "Space-time Shuttle" digital multimedia design director, Suzhou Bay Digital Art Museum

2023 Participate in West lake public art programme "Bright Moon Tomorrow · The Reconstruct of Landscape"

2022 Life Week City For Humanity Season Festival drama multimedia design

2020-2021 Zhang Xiaofu multimedia symphony concert "Sino-Tibetica" - "Drifting Dharani" and Yarlung Zangbo" visual image creation

2019 New media art works at Contemporary China International Digital Art Exhibition

2018 New media art work "Jun Happy Food" exhibited at the National Center for the Performing Arts • in the Life Immersive Art Design Exhibition

2017 China Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation Gala program "Beijing Four Seasons" multimedia creation