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ZHU Yang
ZHU Yang

Zhu Yang, with the courtesy name Renjued the pen name Yantian, hails from the picturesque region of Bazing in East Sichuan. Possessing an idiosyncratic disposition, he exudes an air of self-assurance. His journey in the realm of music commenced in 2017, culminating in his admission to the esteemed Zhejiang Conservatory of Music in 2022, where he embarked on a master's degree program under the esteemed tutelage Associate Professor Yang Lei.


As an artist with a distinctive characteristic, Zhu Yang excels in crafting ethereal melodies and captivating rap compositions. His commanding stage presence and aptitude for diverse musical genres exemplify his prowess in both production and composition. Deeply revering the rich tapestry of traditional Chinese culture, he artfully weaves its essence into his musical creations. By seamlessly melding these elements with contemporary production techniques, his works emanate a distinct individuality, elevating them above the sea of comparable offerings in the market. Notable tracks from his 2022 album "Establishing Identity as Jue" include "Dao Fa Li Jue" and "Zai Sheng," serving as emblematic representations of his artistic prowess.