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Zheng Yang received his bachelor's degree in Recording Art (Music Recording) from Communication University of China. He is currently studying for a master's degree in Electronic Music Composition at Zhejiang Conservatory of Music, under the guidance of Professors Li Qiuxiao and Wang Xuan. Zheng Yang loves jazz and pop music and has the ability to independently complete commercial arrangements, recordings, and music remixes.


Zheng Yang has achieved several awards and accomplishments in the field of music and composition, including the championship of the first NetEase AI Song Creation Competition in 2023, the third prize of the original music group at the 2023 USC Chord Exchange Conference, the second prize of in the 2022 NCDA National College Digital Art and Design Competition in Zhejiang Province, the third prize in the original song category of the 5th E Creation Cup, 2022 E Creation Cup Original Song Excellence Award, third prize in the 2019 Arturia First Audio Producers Competition, the third place in the electronic audio group of the 2019 Chinese arranger competition and so on.


Zheng Yang has been actively involved in various creative projects, serving as a key creative contributor. This includes composing music for the iQiyi animated series "Love Before the Western Calendar," providing music for the TV drama "Riding the Whale" featuring singer Sa Dingding, and taking charge of composing the theme song for the animated cinema release "Dance of the Wind." Zheng Yang has also contributed to the musical score of the 2018 BMW automobile advertisement titled "Enjoying Ice and Snow, Enjoying Passion." Zheng Yang also has been associated with Zhejiang TV Audio Department, where they were engaged in live pre-recording and sound amplification work for popular television programs such as the second season of "Sing! China," "The Sound of Dreams," and "The Voice of China."