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Jin Ye, Professor of China Conservatory of Music Conducting Department, tutor of doctoral degree. Incurrent deputy director of Conducting Department of China Conservatory of Music, musical director and principal conductor of Jilin Symphonic Orchestra, principal guest conductor of Zhejiang Symphony Orchestra, principal conductor of Youth Philharmonic Orchestra and Huaxia Chinese Orchestra in CCM.


Besides conducting teaching at CCM, he is also passionate for performing various program on the stage. The remarkable events are including: conducted the premier of ‘Sino-tibetica’ Multimedia Symphony Concert at Beijing Tianqiao Performing Arts Center in 2021 and 2020; conducted the premier of ‘Images of Pure Land’ and ‘Images of the Silk Road’ supported by the China National Arts Fund at NCPA in 2018 and 2016; conducted the premiere of ‘Chasing Dreams’ series of concert at NCPA in 2017; conducted the premiere of stage work ‘Flowers’ concert version composed by Zhang Qianyi at NCPA in 2017; conducted Chinese classic opera ‘Xiao Er Hei’s Marriage’ for multiple times at NCPA from 2010 to 2011; conducted Stravinsky’s ‘The Soldier’s Tale’ in Chinese and English version for multiple times in Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin etc. from 2009 to 2013; conducted the official recording of the National Anthem of the People’s Republic of China  and other pieces of opening ceremony music for the Beijing Olympic Games In 2008.


Jin Ye is also active in many other areas of music, his significant works are including: held the ‘Jin Ye Trio’s Tributes to Jazz Classic’ and ‘Midnight Rose:Night of Jazz’ concert at NCPA in 2021; composed and conducted the premier of Jazz Musical  “Life Order Form”  under the delegation of Musical Department of Beijing Dance Academy in 2018, and published the collection of feature songs from the musical in 2020; invited by the National Ministry of Culture as a Jazz pianist, he attended the ‘China - Middle East Europe — Jazz Concert’ for the 17 National Culture Ministries’ ministers from the Season of Forum Culture in 2017; conducted the premiere of original musical theatre ‘Perhaps Tomorrow is Belonging to Me’ at PLA Theatre as the music director in 2015; invited to cooperate with the  China Film Archive during Beijing National Movie Festival, and gave the improvisation of background music for many classical silent films such as ‘The Cave of Silver Web’, ‘Striving’, and ‘Stormy Night’; invited and attended the London Jazz Festival, NCPA May Festival, NCPA ‘Taihu’ Jazz Festival, Beijing ‘Nine Gates’ Jazz Festival, Beijing ‘Yue Gu’ International Pop Music Festival and Zhuhai ‘Bei Shan’ Jazz Festival since 2012.