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HUANG Yaotian
HUANG Yaotian

Huang Yaotian is a graduate student of Electronic Music Composition in Zhejiang Conservatory of Music. He has been under the guidance of Associate professors Wang Xinyu and Li Qiuxiao. His creative works span various genres, including film and television soundtrack: "The Night Fire"; game soundtrack: "Entering the World"; drama score: "New Carefree Tour"; piano pieces: "Midnight Thoughts"; Songs: "Prisoner Light", "Endless"; Multimedia electronic music: "Echoes in Wooden Space", "Shadow Splitting" and so on.


He has received several awards, including the third prize of the first "Youth China·Courtesy of Quzhou" Zhejiang Province Original Music Competition for college students; Second prize of Music and Video Design Group of the 3rd IEMC- International Electronic Music Competition; Third prize of the 4th Feng Zikai Cup World Internet Music Competition; First prize of the National Final of the 10th National College Digital Art Design Competition (NCDA); First prize of graduate student group in the National Finals of the 11th National College Digital Art Design Competition (NCDA). His works have been exhibited at West Bund Art Museum in Shanghai, the 2021 EMSAN Asian Electronic Music International Forum, and Electronic Theater of China Graphics Conference.