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QI Mengjie
QI Mengjie

QI Mengjie (Maggie) is assistant professor at China Conservatory of Music and postdoctoral researcher at the Central Conservatory of Music. She serves as the Vice President and At-large Board Director of International Computer Music Association (ICMA). As a composer and sound artist, her music and installations have been presented at many international festivals, including ICMC, Audio Arts Festival, WOCMAT, CIME General Assembly concerts, International Electronic Music Festival of New York, SEAMUS, ISCM, NYCEMF, SPLICE Festival, Cube Fest, SICPP, Beijing Modern Music Festival and MUSICACOUSTICA-Beijing. She received her master and doctoral degree in electronic music at the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing. She studied at the City University of New York during the doctoral study.


As a curator, she is devoted to the promotion of the exchange in culture, music, and the inter-media of art and technology. She has served as International Coordinator for MUSICACOSTICA-Beijing since 2012. She has curated for a number of concerts, contemporary art exhibitions and festivals. She served as reviewer on ICMCs and IEEE conferences. In 2020, she founded the Ensemble Phoenix Beijing which dedicates to the exploration and presentation of the works of multiple music styles, cultural elements and media languages.