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MA Weixiao
MA Weixiao

MA Weixiao is a PhD candidate in musicology at Communication University of China, under the guidance of Professor Wang Xuan. Ma’s research interests include electronic music composition, film scoring, and music technology. He has won first, second, and third prizes in multiple composition competitions, such as MUSICACOUSTICA-BEIJING, WOCMAT International Electroacoustic Music Young Composer Award, “Upchord” Sound Conference, Academy Award of China Higher Film and Television Society and IEMC International Electronic Music Competition.

Ma has participated in the writing of the National Social Science Foundation Art Program "Research on Contemporary Electronic Music Works and Composers in China". His personal original music works cover multiple fields such as film scoring, song albums, advertisements, dance dramas, and experimental electronic music. The French physical drama “Un Rêve”, which he served as the music director and composer, premiered at the Beijing Tianqiao Theater in 2023.