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BI Chonghong
BI Chonghong

BI Chonghong graduated from Communication University of China in 2022 with a Bachelor's degree in Composition and Composition Technology Theory (Electronic Music Field). He is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Media Music and focuses on electronic music composition under Professor Wang Xuan.

Bi’s personal works have participated in multiple national composition competitions and won awards, such as MUSICACOUSTICA-BEIJING, IEMC International Electronic Music Competition, and National College students Computer Design Competition.

Bi is passionate about music creation and has a variety of creative styles, with the ability to create electronic, rock, avant-garde metal, symphonic orchestral, folk music, jazz and other music styles.He Created original music for the theme promotional video "Winning the Battle of Blue Sky" for the 2019 World Environment Day global home event and play it at the United Nations Conference 2019 World Environment Day global home event (Hangzhou).

At the same time, he actively participated in music creation for games, animations, microfilms, and stage plays, and completed national level innovation and entrepreneurship projects for college students.