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Thierry Miroglio
Thierry Miroglio

Thierry Miroglio is realizing since several year a brilliant solo career where he's invited to give in more than forty countries recitals and solo concerts in numerous venues and prestigious Festivals from Salzburg, Berlin Philharmonie to New York, Venice Biennale and Paris, from Sao Paulo, Beijing and Mexico city to Tokyo, Hong Kong and Chicago… Actually one of the very few percussionists in the world to realize such a high level of solo activity including a repertoire of more than 400 works (solo and concerti). Productions for international Radio-TV stations and recordings of 20 soloist CD’s.


Close collaboration with composers as Cage, Berio, Saariaho, Ohana, Risset, Denisov, Donatoni, Unsuk Chin, Teruggi, Zhang Xiaofu, Battier, Mochizuki, Shimazu, Nodaira, An Changbi, Amar, Choi, Xu Yi, Grisey, Stroppa, Manoury, Jolas,Fedele, Dufourt …. giving premiere performances of their pieces, many of which are dedicated to him. His recitals join Music, visual Arts, Electronics, crossing Theater, Dance. Professor of Percussion at Milhaud Conservatory (Paris), he gives masterclasses and lectures in many countries. Concerti with prestigious national orchestras ( Germany, Spain, Brasil, France, Italy, Taiwan, Bolivia, Macau, Monte Carlo, Argentinia, Hong Kong …) and recitals tours in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and USA.


Percussion studies with the eminent soloists Jean-Pierre Drouet and Sylvio Gualda (1st Prize at the National Conservatory of Versailles). Musical Acoustic at Sorbonne University with Xenakis.